Tips to have a perfect lifestyle


Lifestyle means a way of living. It differs from person to person and generation to generation. Everyone has a different way of living their life and dealing with the problems associated with it. Perfection is all in the mind. No one can be perfect. After all, we are humans, and we are made to make mistakes, and that is absolutely normal. 

With changing generations and advancements in technologies, it is very evident to witness a change in lifestyle. Change is the property of nature, and it is very well accepted by humans of every generation. The kind of lifestyle our grandfathers used to follow is way different from the kind of lifestyle we live. With new inventions and the invasion of technologies in our lives, has changed our way of living to a greater extent. 

These lifestyle changes have various reasons. But everyone wants to have a dream lifestyle of their own that makes them feel accomplished and satisfied. But the question here is how to achieve it? 

No one can ever have a perfect lifestyle. But at least we can try having one. So here is a list of a few ways by which one can achieve their dream lifestyle. 


You must have heard this quote numerous times that “Health is wealth”. This quote was said way back, but it is still applicable. A healthy person can achieve everything in his/her life. Not just physical health is equally important, but mental health is equally important. Having a balanced diet, exercising and meditation are a few ways by which one can keep them healthy both mentally and physically.

In the past few decades people have almost forgotten about taking care of their health, but the corona pandemic has made them realise the importance of health. Invasion of technologies has made life easier, but at the same time have affected health to a greater extent. Spending a maximum amount of time in front of a screen, sitting at a position for a longer period of time, long working hours, and unhygienic food habits have resulted in breakdown of the immune system of the body. 

To achieve a balanced lifestyle, it is important to take good care of health. Taking a brisk walk in the morning, 10 minutes of stretching or yoga, 5 minutes of meditation, intake of warm water, taking steps instead of elevators, and eating home-cooked meals can be really beneficial in the long run. These simple yet very essential habits can help achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Managing Relations-

Humans are a social animal, and we can’t live alone for a longer period of time. That’s why we have relations at every step of our lives. Parents, children, partners, friends, relatives etc are the people whom we spend our life with. They are equally important. We share a bond with them, and they play a very important role in letting us achieve a balanced lifestyle. We learn something from everyone, and this learning is essential in dealing with life. We should not forget the values that we receive from our parents and the tradition that runs in our family. Lifestyle is not just the way of living, but it also includes how we react to situations, how we behave and maintain our relations. To keep in touch with your friends and family, you can send gifts online to them. 

Care for the Environment-

We live on this earth, so it is our home. But unfortunately, we humans never consider our environment our home. In the past few decades, we have destroyed our planet Earth by exploiting every resource that has been available to us. We have cut down the trees, established factories, increased pollution, polluted water bodies and what not. We keep our own house clean but never bothered to keep the environment clean. Taking care of our own home, our health, and our relationships are not the only things to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Taking care of our surroundings is equally important. We should not forget that whatever we release in the environment comes back to us in some or other way, just like our deeds. And there is no lifestyle and humans without a life. We thrive on the earth, and it is important to protect it. Small baby steps like composting the kitchen waste at home and using it for plants, closing the tap when water is not needed, using the same water multiple times, recycling the non-biodegradable products, using less plastic and recycling them instead of throwing them can make this earth a better place to live. These are small steps but can create a big effect on the environment. 

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Decluttering is therapeutic. Whether it is decluttering of materialistic things or decluttering the mind. Both are equally important to achieve a balanced lifestyle. These days life runs on the internet, and we follow what’s trending. Instead of realizing whether that trend adds value to our life or not, we keep on doing it because that’s trending. And if we are unable to keep-up with the trend, it leads to mental disturbance. Stuffing your house and mind with unnecessary things can only lead to clutter and clutter in any way is not good for us. So decluttering unnecessary things and people from our life can give more mental peace. And of course, less maintenance will be required, giving you more time to focus on what’s important, whether it’s relatives or things. 

Apart from everything, a balanced lifestyle is important. One must have everything in a definite proportion, nothing more, nothing less. That way one can achieve a balanced lifestyle. If you found the above tips useful, then try incorporating them in your life and achieve your dream lifestyle. You can take small steps daily and trust me, achieving a balanced lifestyle is not as difficult as it seems. 

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